The Primalist Front

The Primalist Front is a quest in Ohn'ahran Plains.

The Primalist Front
Zone Ohn'ahran Plains
Questgiver Merithra
Quest Start Coordinates 28.27, 57.70 Ohn'ahran Plains
Quest Completion Khanam Matra Sarest
Quest Completion Coordinates 25.68, 40.44 Ohn'ahran Plains
Previous Quest Shady Sanctuary
Next Quest

The Primalist Front Quest Guide

Merithra sends you to meet up with your centaur allies in the Storm Scar. You will need to collect reports from 3 of them and then speak to her again.

  • Ari and Belika at 27.58, 46.04 (speak to Belika)
  • Boku at 25.73, 44.24
  • Ohn Seshteng 26.18, 40.09
  • Merithra at 25.65, 40.52

Speak to Khanam Matra Sarest at 25.68, 40.44 to complete the quest.

The Primalist Front Quest Start

The Primalist Front is started by speaking to Merithra at 28.27, 57.70 after completing Shady Sanctuary.

The Primalist Front Quest End

The Primalist Front is completed by speaking to Khanam Matra Sarest at 25.68, 40.44.