The Obsidian Warders

The Obsidian Warders
Faction Alliance
Zone Stormwind
Questgiver Scalecommander Azurathel
Quest Start Coordinates 79.94, 26.92 Stormwind
Quest Completion Toddy Whiskers
Quest Completion Coordinates 22.75, 55.65 Stormwind
Previous Quest Aspectral Invitation (Alliance)
Next Quest
Currency Reward 25g 74s 0c

The Obsidian Warders Quest Guide

Scalecommander Azurathel asks that you deliver his orders to his troops in Stormwind. To do this, speak to Dervishian 50.94, 67.39 on top of the tower on the Stockades. You can then turn the quest in with Toddy Whiskers at 22.75, 55.65 on the docks at Stormwind Harbor.

The Obsidian Warders Quest Start

The Obsidian Warders is started by speaking to Scalecommander Azurathel at 79.94, 26.92 after completing Aspectral Invitation (Alliance).

The Obsidian Warders Quest End

The Obsidian Warders is completed by speaking to Toddy Whiskers at 22.75, 55.65.

The Obsidian Warders Description

This Toddy's enthusiasm is admirable. But I hope it does not blind her to the dangers awaiting us in the Dragon Isles.

Regardless, the Obsidian Warders are duty-bound to protect the expedition. I must speak with Wrathion and the Lord Commander about the mission ahead.

My fellow dracthyr are exploring the city. Seek out Dervishian, my trusted lieutenant, and inform her that we are to rally at the docks. She will relay my orders to the rest.

The Obsidian Warders Objectives

  • Orders delivered to Dervishian

The Obsidian Warders Completion

I'm pleased the dracthyr are comin' with us.

Can't wait to challenge that scalecommander to a race on ol' Wildfeather.

My gryphon will best his leathery ol' wings any day!