The Nokhud Threat

The Nokhud Threat is a quest in Ohn'ahran Plains.

The Nokhud Threat
Zone Ohn'ahran Plains
Questgiver Khanam Matra Sarest
Quest Start Coordinates 60.30, 38.04 Ohn'ahran Plains
Quest Completion Khanam Matra Sarest
Quest Completion Coordinates 60.00, 37.49 Ohn'ahran Plains
Previous Quests Covering Their Tails
  • Trucebreakers
  • Next Quest

    The Nokhud Threat Quest Guide

    Khanam Matra Sarest asks you to discuss next steps with the khans in the khan chambers. Speak to her again after she walks into the room to complete the quest.

    The Nokhud Threat Quest Start

    The Nokhud Threat is started by speaking to Khanam Matra Sarest at 60.30, 38.04 after completing Covering Their TailsTrucebreakers.

    The Nokhud Threat Quest End

    The Nokhud Threat is completed by speaking to Khanam Matra Sarest at 60.00, 37.49.