Snap the Traps

Snap the Traps is a quest in The Azure Span.

Snap the Traps
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Brena
Quest Start Coordinates 32.29, 36.95 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Hanu
Quest Completion Coordinates 34.27, 31.29 The Azure Span
Previous Quest Catch the Caravan
Next Quests
Reputation Reward Iskaara Tuskarr x 200
Currency Reward 27g 62s 0c

Snap the Traps Quest Guide

Brena asks you to spring 5 Bladejaw Traps set by the gnolls in Big Tree Hills. Traps are spread throughout the quest area. You can spring the traps by clicking on them or stepping on them. If you step on them, however, you will be stunned for a few seconds. Once you’ve sprung 5, speak to Hanu at 34.27, 31.29 to complete the quest.

Snap the Traps Quest Start

Snap the Traps is started by speaking to Brena at 32.29, 36.95 after completing Catch the Caravan.

Snap the Traps Quest End

Snap the Traps is completed by speaking to Hanu at 34.27, 31.29.