Mystic Mystery

Mystic Mystery is a quest in Ohn'ahran Plains.

Mystic Mystery
Zone Ohn'ahran Plains
Questgiver Initiate Boku
Quest Start Coordinates 36.82, 57.27 Ohn'ahran Plains
Quest Completion Initiate Boku
Quest Completion Coordinates 49.31, 63.22 Ohn'ahran Plains
Previous Quest Pessimistic Mystic
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Mystic Mystery Quest Guide

Initiate Boku asks you to meet him outside of Teerakai and travel to Ridgewater Retreat to meet up with his fellow mystics.

Head to 44.55, 61.95 and interact with the scattered objects on the ground to collect Boku’s belongings.

Next, take the object out of the dead centaur’s hand at 46.53, 63.23. Once you take the object, you’ll need to defeat the Nokhud Marauders that attack you.

Turn the quest in with Initiate Boku at 49.31, 63.22.

Mystic Mystery Quest Start

Mystic Mystery is started by speaking to Initiate Boku at 36.82, 57.27 after completing Pessimistic Mystic.

Mystic Mystery Quest End

Mystic Mystery is completed by speaking to Initiate Boku at 49.31, 63.22.