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Hyjal EU FR

Hyjal is the highest population French server in the European region for retail World of Warcraft. If you’re an Alliance player and enjoy a bustling server where French is the primary language, this is a good choice.

Hyjal Majority Faction

Hyjal is a Horde majority server. Approximately 74% of the server population is Horde, and approximately 26% belong to the Alliance.

Hyjal Server Population

Hyjal has a population of approximately 74,000+ actively played characters, making it the highest population French realm in the European region for retail World of Warcraft.

Hyjal Server Type

Hyjal is classified as a Normal server. Before Blizzard changed the server classification system in Battle for Azeroth, Hyjal was classified as a PvE server.

Hyjal Server Time

Hyjal Server Time is set to Central European Time (EDT, UTC +1).

Who are the top guilds on Hyjal?

Hyjal is the highest population French server, and competition to be a top guild is pretty tough. Because of its large Horde majority, all of the top 10 Mythic progression guilds for Ny’alotha on Hyjal are Horde guilds.

  2. Mindless (H)
  3. TLD (H)
  4. Wisp (A)
  5. Without Respect (H)
  6. Okay Tier (H)
  7. Epic Whine (H)
  8. New Age (H)
  9. Curry Pain (A)
  10. Highway to Wipe (H)

Is Hyjal A Connected Realm?

Hyjal is not a connected realm.

Hyjal Data
Region EU
Locale French
Type Normal
Historical Type PvE
Timezone CET
Connected Realm? No
Connected Realms
Server Population High
Approximate Population 74k+
Majority Faction Horde
Faction Split 74% H / 26% A
Last updated: January 10, 2021