Green Dragon Down

Green Dragon Down is a quest in Ohn'ahran Plains.

Green Dragon Down
Zone Ohn'ahran Plains
Questgiver Khanam Matra Sarest
Quest Start Coordinates 76.69, 40.95 Ohn'ahran Plains
Quest Completion Khanam Matra Sarest
Quest Completion Coordinates 72.36, 50.34 Ohn'ahran Plains
Previous Quest Blowing of the Horn
Next Quest

Green Dragon Down Quest Guide

Khanam Matra Sarest asks you to meet the green dragons with her at the watering hole. Ride your drake to 72.36, 50.34, speak to Khanam Matra Sarest, and select the quest dialog option. You can then speak to her again to complete the quest.

Green Dragon Down Quest Start

Green Dragon Down is started by speaking to Khanam Matra Sarest at 76.69, 40.95 after completing Blowing of the Horn.

Green Dragon Down Quest End

Green Dragon Down is completed by speaking to Khanam Matra Sarest at 72.36, 50.34.