Gather the Family

Gather the Family is a quest in The Azure Span.

Gather the Family
Zone The Azure Span
Questgiver Brena
Quest Start Coordinates 13.24, 49.54 The Azure Span
Quest Completion Brena
Quest Completion Coordinates 13.24, 49.54 The Azure Span
Previous Quest To Iskaara
Next Quest
Reputation Reward Iskaara Tuskarr x 200
Currency Reward 27g 85s 48c

Gather the Family Quest Guide

Brena asks you to collect funeral offerings from the villagers for the late chieftain. There are 4 offerings to gather:

  • Decorated Teapot at 13.48, 48.55
  • Handcrafted Boat at 13.87, 49.47
  • Ornamented Shield at 12.46, 50.32
  • Stone Sculpture at 12.48 inside The Filled Bowl (The entrance to The Filled Bowl is at 12.81, 49.34.)

Place the offerings in the boat at 13.13, 48.61, then return to Brena to complete the quest.

Gather the FamilyQuest Start

Gather the Family is started by speaking to Brena at 13.24, 49.54 after completing To Iskaara.

Gather the Family Quest End

Gather the Family is completed by speaking to Brena at 13.24, 49.54.