Expeditionary Coordination (Alliance)

Expeditionary Coordination
Faction Alliance
Zone Stormwind
Questgiver Toddy Whiskers
Quest Start Coordinates 79.75, 27.34 Stormwind
Quest Completion Toddy Whiskers
Quest Completion Coordinates 22.75, 55.65 Stormwind
Previous Quest Aspectral Invitation (Alliance)
Next Quest
Currency Reward 25g 74s 0c

Expeditionary Coordination Quest Guide

Toddy Whiskers asks that you go and recruit expedition members. There are three groups to recruit, the Scholars, the Artisans, and the Explorers.

  • The Scholars can be recruited by speaking to Cataloger Wulferd at 63.34, 69.96 in the Trade District.
  • The Artisans can be recruited by speaking to Thaelin Darkanvil at 64.14, 37.27 in the Dwarven District.
  • The Explorers can be recruited by speaking to Pathfinder Jeb at 38.23, 45.44 at Stormwind Harbor.

Once you’ve recruited all three groups, you can turn the quest in with Toddy Whiskers at 22.75, 55.65 on the docks at Stormwind Harbor.

Expeditionary Coordination Quest Start

Expeditionary Coordination is started by speaking to Toddy Whiskers at 79.75, 27.34 after completing Aspectral Invitation (Alliance).

Expeditionary Coordination Quest End

Expeditionary Coordination is completed by speaking to Toddy Whiskers at 22.75, 55.65.

Expeditionary Coordination Description

The name's Toddy. I'll be headin' up our band of cheery adventurers under the banner of the Dragonscale Expedition. We'll get into the details later. For now, let's focus on gatherin' up our crew.

Every expedition worth its salt has a variety of folk. We'll be needin' scholars, artisans, and of course explorers.

Well? What're you standin' here for? Assemble that crew!

Expeditionary Coordination Objectives

  • Artisans recruited
  • Explorers recruited
  • Scholars recruited

Expeditionary Coordination Completion

That was fast!

Eager to get to the Dragon Isles, eh? Me too!