Argent Dawn EU EN

Argent Dawn is a medium population English RP realm in the European region of World of Warcraft. Argent Dawn in the highest population roleplaying server in the European region.

An important thing to remember when looking at RP realms is that the Faction Split and Approximate Population data — which is based on how many max level characters have participated in M+ or Raiding within the current season on a given realm — isn’t really a good indicator of the actual activity level of the server. RP servers are intended for role-playing, and many players have characters on these realms for that purpose that they aren’t necessarily using to push current endgame content.

Argent Dawn Majority Faction

Argent Dawn is an Alliance majority server. Approximately 73% of the server population is Alliance, and approximately 27% belongs to the Horde. It’s important to remember that the faction split isn’t necessarily indicative of the faction split of RP characters on the realm.

Argent Dawn Server Population

Argent Dawn has a population of approximately 49,000+ actively played characters, making it a medium population realm in the European region for retail World of Warcraft. Argent Dawn is the highest population RP realm in the European server region. Keep in mind that the population count doesn’t include characters that haven’t participated in M+ or Raiding in the current season on the realm, so it’s not as good of an indicator for active players on an RP realm.

Argent Dawn Server Type

Argent Dawn is classified as an RP server. Before Blizzard changed the server classification system in Battle for Azeroth, Emerald Dream was classified as an RP server.

Argent Dawn Server Time

Argent Dawn Server Time is set to Central European Time (EDT, UTC +1).

Who are the top guilds on Argent Dawn?

Antonidas is a medium population server, and competition to be a top guild is pretty tough. Because of its large Alliance majority, all but one of the top 10 Ny’alotha Mythic Progression are Alliance guilds.

  1. Epoch (A)
  2. Blessing of Wisdom (A)
  3. Triggered (A)
  4. Calm Before the Storm (A)
  5. The Lethal Party (A)
  6. Negative Waves (A)
  7. Sephuzs Secret (A)
  8. Salvation (H)
  9. Perfectly Preserved Cake (A)
  10. Ragnarök (A)

Is Argent Dawn A Connected Realm?

Argent Dawn is not a connected realm.

Argent Dawn Data
Region EU
Locale English
Type RP
Historical Type RP
Timezone CET
Connected Realm? No
Connected Realms
Server Population Medium
Approximate Population 49k+
Majority Faction Alliance
Faction Split 73% A / 27% H
Last updated: January 14, 2021