Weather Control

Weather Control is a quest in Ohn'ahran Plains.

Weather Control
Zone Ohn'ahran Plains
Questgiver Initiate Boku
Quest Start Coordinates 58.10, 68.96 Ohn'ahran Plains
Quest Completion Initiate Boku
Quest Completion Coordinates 60.64, 63.55 Ohn'ahran Plains
Previous Quest Catching Wind
Next Quest

Weather Control Quest Guide

Initiate Boku instructs you to kill 8 Stormbound Essences and 6 Stormcaller Initiates to stop the Nokhud from creating more storm elementals. Once you have defeated all of the required enemies, speak to Boku at 60.64, 63.55 to complete the quest.

Weather Control Quest Start

Weather Control is started by speaking to Initiate Boku at 58.10, 68.96 after completing Catching Wind.

Weather Control Quest End

Weather Control is completed by speaking to Initiate Boku at 60.64, 63.55.