Following the announcement of the ban on the Gallywix boosting community last night, no statement has been issued from leadership of the organization regarding the blue post. Instead, they’ve taken down every form of public presence they had. Their entire Discord server, Twitter, and website have all been deleted.

In a more shocking turn of events, Scripe, former co-raid lead of Method and GM of the new Method spinoff guild Echo following the fall of Method last month, has publicly admitted to Real Money Trading (RMT) through Gallywix in order to help secure the gold and items the guild needed for the Race to World First. He likely had no choice but to admit it after screenshots of his RMT dealings on Discord with Gallywix began to circulate through a Google Sheet this morning.

The screenshots confirm the real money transactions that were happening, and show payments totaling over $2,000 USD being made to secure items and gold, with costs up to $9000 being discussed at one point.

This is likely to be a critical hit to the fledgling Echo guild, who were trying to escape Method’s sinking ship after it came out that organizational leadership had been knowingly harboring a pedophile who was grooming underage girls. This will likely result in a ban for Scripe and other Echo players.

Other notable guilds that were partnered with Gallywix include Complexity Limit, Pieces, and Big Dumb Golden Guardians, none of whom have issued a statement or confirmed whether they were also involved in RMT.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves.

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